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A professional facial is designed to improve your skin. These customized treatments for the face, neck and décolleté can:

  • boost collagen production

  • remove dead skin cells

  • improve the appearance of fine lines and blemishes

  • clear the pores

  • moisturize and hydrate

Facials renew your skin, helping it look younger and giving you a healthy glow! Most treatments only take about an hour, so it’s easy to fit them into a busy schedule. They can also be combined with a range of other beauty and spa treatments for enhanced results.  A facial massage could be included to almost all facials.  It has a relaxing an rejuvinating effect to help you look and feel better.To truly make the most of the benefits, a regular series of facials is recommended. This can delay the signs of aging, help you destress, and keep your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated!

Classic Facial

classic facial

A classic facial covers all the steps of your skin care routine with professional products and a touch of luxury at the spa. The process will generally include cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, facial massage, masks, serums, and moisturizers.
This type of facial is good for deep cleansing your skin or it can be a way to target a specific skin concern you may be facing. A classic facial procedure works like a top-up to your regular skin care regimen.
The best thing about a classic facial is that the procedure can be adapted to your skin type, and customized according to your preferences. You can get a classic facial at any spa or esthetician's office, each of which may have its own special touches added to the procedure to make it unique

Lymphatic Massage

lymphatic massage

A lymphatic massage can be incorporated into a classic facial or into many other different types of facials.
A lymphatic massage facial stimulates your lymphatic drainage system, which helps remove toxins and waste from your system. By stimulating the lymph glands in your face, these types of facial treatments can help to reduce puffiness, relieve tension, and reduce water retention.
The results of a lymphatic massage facial include a more sculpted-looking jawline, contoured cheekbones, and more youthful glowing skin.

Chemical Peel

chemical peel

Chemical peels are treatments applied to the face and neck to exfoliate and peel away the top layer of dead skin. These exfoliating facials use chemical acids to dissolve dead skin cells and reveal fresher layers of skin below, resulting in a glowing and more youthful complexion.

To anyone new to facials, peels may sound a little intimidating, but rest assured that these treatments are very safe. These treatments use exfoliating acids like salicylic, glycolic, mandelic, or lactic acid to remove a layer of dead skin cells, which can also help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne scars and blemishes, dark spots, sun damage, and redness.

Chemical peels come in a variety of intensities: light, medium, and deep. Deeper chemical peels are used to target more severe skin concerns like scars and wrinkles, while light peels are more gentle exfoliants that simply brighten and tone your skin.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

 anti-age facial treatment
 anti-age facial treatment

If you're wondering how to have youthful skin, you should talk to your esthetician about the best anti-aging facial for you.  

Although many different types of facials have anti-aging benefits, an anti-aging facial may incorporate techniques and steps from a combination of the above-listed treatments. This can include any combination of deep cleansing, light therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or microcurrent treatments, which will work together to fight the signs of age and make your complexion more youthful and vibrant.

The goal of an anti-aging facial is to get rid of dead skin cells, reduce wrinkles and age spots, and lift and tone sagging skin. It may also incorporate a brightening facial treatment that restores a dewy glow to your complexion.

If you have mature skin and you are looking for some healthy skin rejuvenation, speak to your esthetician to formulate an anti-aging facial that works for you.


deep pore cleansing facial

A deep pore cleansing facial is a medical facial treatment involving a 4 steps procedure that penetrates your skin deeply to remove the dirt and debris that accumulates in your pores. This treatment is the best solution to achieve a clear, radiant complexion. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing, followed by a suitable to your skin type chemical peel, or oxygen steam, followed by lots of extractions, LED light therapy and a calming and sudding mask. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look fresh, moisturised and will have a beautiful glow.



Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy is a treatment during which a gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), is infused into the skin to encourage an increased flow of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in the body and as such it can not cause any allergic or other unwanted reactions.

This minimally invasive treatment can offer long lasting skin improvements such as:

  • Lifting Effect

  • Elastin stimulation

  • Tissue tightening and brightening

  • Skin regeneration

  • Reduction of dark under-eye circles

  • Improvement in circulation

  • Improved lymphoid drainage

Depending on the desired results a series of between 4 to 8 treatments of non-invasive carboxytherapy may be required and the treatments can be conducted once every 7 to 14 days. The effects of a Carboxytherapy treatment are cumulative – with every subsequent treatment improving the results of the previous one.​

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